How To Download All The Data Facebook Has Collected From You?

Everyone is aware of the fact that nothing is free on the internet we pay for it anyway. The biggest amount we pay to use the so-called free services over the internet is our privacy. Social Media has become a crucial part of daily life.

In the era of technology these social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler and many more are no doubt great sources of entertainment, to be aware latest trends, Communication, and much more but there is also a dark side of them.

We had been using Social Media apps without any concern about privacy then there shows up Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Facebook also admitted that they collect all the information like the user’s identity, location etc.

It also led to a campaign #deletefacebook where many people deactivated their Facebook accounts. Facebook then decided to show all the data they collected so now we can see what data Facebook has collected from us.

How to download Facebook data in easy steps?

Here are the easy steps to download Facebook data:

1. Sign-in to your Facebook account on your desktop.
2. Go to your Facebook Settings page.

Download Facebook Data

3. In the General section, click “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”

Download Facebook Data

4. On the next page, click the “Download Archive” button.

Download Facebook Data

5. Enter your Facebook password.
6. The file download will start automatically, or the download link will be sent to your email.
7. After the file download completes, extract the zip file.
8. Now, run the HTML file called index. It will open in your web browser where you can view all your downloaded Facebook data.

This is the information collected by Facebook until the file started downloading. When in future you download it again it will show more information collected.

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