Instagram introduces ‘Activity Status’ Feature which indicates when you are online

Instagram Activity Status feature

Instagram now has feature Activity Status to show who is online now. Most of the applications like Facebook Messanger and Whatsapp already have this feature. Previously it was not possible to see who is online and reading our messages and ignoring, now no more can read and ignore. All the users who follow you or ever had a conversation in the direct message can see the Activity Status when you are online. So don’t try to ignore anymore everyone is watching your Instagram Activity Status.

Announced in an official blog post, the activity status indicator will be at the side of the profile picture in the direct messaging of Instagram App.

Instagram Activity Status
Image Credit: Pixabay

The new Instagram Activity Status Is enabled by default but, don’t be worried you can disable it for now. Basically, it is better to have such feature which makes the application more interactive and makes people communicate with each other. It is much fun sharing posts with your besties when you see them online. The direct messaging option in previous versions of Instagram was not suitable for communication, we could never see if it is the right time to send a message. But Instagram Activity Status feature will make it more a chatting source than just a pictures and videos sharing platform.

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