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DC’s Aquaman Movie First Trailer Released Watch Promo in HD


DC’s Aquaman Movie The Aquaman Character first appeared in Justice League 2017 Movie. Now it is time for a solo movie of Aquaman the upcoming hit from DC Comics. The Movie is directed by James Wan and produced…

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Samsung’s upcoming wireless duo charger can charge two devices at a time

Samsung Duo Charger

Samsung Wireless Duo Charger Samsung has announced their first Wireless duo charger which can simultaneously charge to devices at once. The wireless dual charges were earlier announced by Apple named as AirPower. Nowadays Dual chargers are common. Apple has…

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Save Your Eyes From Computer Rays Using f.lux for Windows, Mac and Linux

While working on the computer even all day our eyes get watery due to the rays emitting from the computer screen. These rays are really harmful to our eyes. Many people use a computer, laptops, Smartphones at night…

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Instagram introduces ‘Activity Status’ Feature which indicates when you are online

Instagram Activity Status

Instagram Activity Status feature Instagram now has feature Activity Status to show who is online now. Most of the applications like Facebook Messanger and Whatsapp already have this feature. Previously it was not possible to see who is…

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Samsung Galaxy S10 will have an On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S10 The upcoming member of the Galaxy S family Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be launched in February 2019, with an On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor. The On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor uses ultrasonic Technology which is far better…

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