Save Your Eyes From Computer Rays Using f.lux for Windows, Mac and Linux

While working on the computer even all day our eyes get watery due to the rays emitting from the computer screen. These rays are really harmful to our eyes. Many people use a computer, laptops, Smartphones at night for working or just surfing around social media.

Rays emitting from these devices make our eyes red and watery and our mind feels tired. F.lux is now available to solve this problem.

Reducing the brightness of the laptop or smartphone doesn’t solve this problem. There is a kind of receptor cells beside rods and cones in our retina. It’s called Melanopsin. Melanopsin is sensitive to the narrow band of blue light in the 460-480 nm range. You can read more about it here.

How can we save our eyes with F.lux?

It is a desktop app available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which limits the glow of your screen. It converts the high blue light of screen to light and warm tone to protect our eyes.

We don’t feel this high impact of blue light in the morning because it gets adjusted with the surrounding lights in the morning but it makes big difference in the night. It solves this problem by adjusting the screen with surrounding light exposure.

This application is really lightweight it just consumes 4MB of RAM and not much CPU usage so we don’t have to be worried about Computer Resources.

How F.lux Works

F.lux uses your current location through google maps to adjust the lights according to the sunset/sunrise in the area. The f.lux automatically manages the color temperature of your screen based on your latitude and longitude,


Save Your Eyes From Computer Rays Using f.lux
Image Credit: fossbytes

In the preferences panel, you can set your preferred night-time color temperature and see a preview, as well as seeing the current color temperature.


You can download f.lux for windows here and for Mac here.

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