Verizon Safe Wi-Fi Ad-blocking VPN Launched Which Costs Only $3.99

Verizon has introduced their own mobile VPN called Safe Wi-Fi. Verizon Safe Wi-Fi Is available for Verizon’s customers on IOS and Android for just $3.99 per month that can cover 10 devices. This is much cheaper than most of the popular VPNs like ExpressVPN which costs around 7$ per month. The VPN is currently available for free of cost for 30 days as a free trial.

The users can get Verizon Safe Wi-Fi VPN by signing into the My Verizon and go to the Products & Apps page, scroll to Safe Wi-Fi and then click “get it now” to subscribe. The Safe Wi-Fi will be added to their account. The VPN can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and just follow the onscreen instruction to sign up for a one-month free promotion.

Verizon Safe Wi-Fi VPN can be used to hide your IP Address when connected to Public Networks. The VPN also blocks the targeted ads. The Ad Tracking Blocker can be activated in the Safe Wi-Fi settings to prevent ads network to track the customers. In some cases, a gray image will replace the ad on the screen that is mentioned in the Verizon FAQ page.

To activate Safe Wi-Fi VPN, open the Safe Wi-Fi app on your device then check if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. If VPN is off, tap the red Wi-Fi icon under VPN Status and it is activated. To activate Ad Tracker Blocker tap Ad Trackers blocked in the app and tap or slide the Block Ad Tracker switch to on.

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